Spotted a 164 in Tallinn

I'm from Lithuania, so sorry, but I don't speak Estonian :(
Today I'm on a business trip in Tallinn and I accidentally spotted a 164 Super just behind the Skoda dealership (can't remember the street name):
I have heard that 164 is very very rare in Estonia (same as in Lithuania), so it kinda brightened my day when I found it :)
Anyone from here? :)

Also, I'm looking for some spare parts for my 164 - perhaps anyone could help me?

Thank you

Re: Spotted a 164 in Tallinn


actually 164 is not only rare, but near extinction. About half year ago I managed to count 14 moving cars (that is one of them) + 7 that are possibly going to be restored (maybe....)

However- what parts do You need ( I may be able to help You with contacts or parts ) :roll:
Tegelikult ma olen normaalne....